Released on
October 12th, 2019



    "Butter. Mad smooth release. Been bumping ΔKTR's stuff for a long time now. This new album is super smooth from start to finish, will be on heavy rotation." -Submerse "Simple in a good way, but still comfortable." -Budamunk "SP-404 Madness dedicated to all Lo-fi Beat Junkies! Urban and psychedelic (The secret ingredient) ΔKTR's groove drawn with gorgeous sampling and chops!" -Yakenohara

    Sounds by ΔKTR Except: B4 w/ Illsugi Bonus Tracks: ΔKTR × Tajima Hal - Crosswinds (CD Only Bonus) ΔKTR × Hazemau - Seventeen (Cassette Only Bonus) Illustration by Wakana Yamazaki Photography by Repeat Pattern Design by Jared Pittack Executive Production by Christian Riechert

    1. 1 Goddammm
    2. 2 To Be or Not to Bop
    3. 3 The Sequence
    4. 4 Eeeasy
    5. 5 Godspell (One Faith)
    6. 6 Just Can't Height
    7. 7 The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Madcats
    8. 8 Theme from the Friday
    9. 9 Someday Somewhere
    10. 10 Liveandletlive (Part 2)
    11. 11 Bars feat. Illsugi
    12. 12 Give It Up My Friend
    13. 13 Shamballa
    14. 14 Allspirituals
    15. 15 Madcats