The Face of Jason


Released on
July 17th, 2020



    Artwork by All Ceven Cassette Design by Jared Pittack Mixed and Mastered by ANKHLEJOHN Lyrics Written by ANKHLEJOHN Recorded at Shaap Studios, Washington D.C. https://SHAAPRECORDS.VIP

    The Candyman, Insomniac, and Count Dracula Produced by All Ceven Ghost Busters and Hurt You Produced by Nephew Hesh Red Room Vibes Produced by Keyed Define The Climate Produced by Vangard Audi 5000 Produced by HNIC The Nebula Produced by Graymatter Howard Crewneck and Forever Shaap Produced by DJ Mastamind Ksubi Raps Produced by LS XXX Soul Touched Produced by Trellion

    1. 1 The Candyman
    2. 2 Ghost Busters
    3. 3 Red Room Vibes
    4. 4 Define the Climate feat. Jah-Monte
    5. 5 Insomniac
    6. 6 Audi 5000 feat. Medhane
    7. 7 Hurt You
    8. 8 The Nebula
    9. 9 Howard Crewneck
    10. 10 Count Dracula feat. Fly Anakin
    11. 11 Ksubi Raps
    12. 12 Soul Touched
    13. 13 Forever Shaap feat. Rahiem Supreme